Products - Other Sleep Accessories

In addition to the finest mattresses, we also provide the following Sleep Accessories:


Here is a sample of our Fashion Bed Frames - Call now for prices
All orders include Free Assembly and Installation in the Monterey Peninsula, Bay Area and Greater Los Angeles

  • Luxurious 100% Wool SnugFleece®

  • Standard Metal Bed Frames, including wheels or glides
    Fashion Bed Frames

  • Covered Foam Toppers

  • High Quality mattress pad protectors

  • Acrylic heavy duty bed legs in 3", 5", 7", or 10" (inches).

SnugFleece® Woolens

SnugFleece Woolens have a unique patented process of using 100% American, Virgin wool to create the ultimate in luxury. Additionally, the wool fibers absorb moisture, "wicking" up to 30% of each fiber's volume. They keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Available in either washable or non-washable.

Mattress Pad Protectors

  • Clean and hygienic sleeping environment for all ages

  • Super stretch for added comfort and easy fit

  • Technologically advanced fabric for protection from stains, moisture - including incontinence and sweat

  • Protects from dust mites and bacteria

  • machine washable and tumble dry at low temperatures

  • Easy to care for, no-iron fabric

  • 100% natural cotton fibers for extra comfort and absorbency

  • Waterproof layer for extra barrier from body moisture, but also allows vapors to naturally breathe through

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