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Why go Organic?

Standard mattress materials use synthetic and petroleum-based chemicals in their construction. Fire retardants contain chemicals as well.

If you are looking for a comfortable alternative product that does not contain these things, you have come to the right place!

Many people with high sensitivities to chemicals and painful allergic reactions, will find that the Organic & Natural alternative is what they need to get a healthful night's sleep.

Cotton is naturally cooler than synthetic polyester blends, so if you are "sleeping hot", this would instantly give you a more comfortable nights sleep.

Another reason to go Organic is that cotton, along with rubber, is the most pesticide-heavy crop known. Pesticides seep down into our soils and then down deeper into our water tables, poisoning our precious water for current and future generations. This is one great reason to use your buying power to support a more natural way of growing cotton and rubber, and help build a cleaner future.

Of all the different pesticides used on conventionally grown cotton, 107 of these are known to be carcinogenic. These pesticides have been proven to be responsible for birth defects, respitory problems, infertility, sterility, and hormonal imbalances among humans and animals.

Pesticides used in Conventionally grown crops contaminate ground water in 32 different states, and amazingly over half the US depends on this water for their primary drinking source!


What is Organic & Natural?

Organic products are products that are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides. Additionally, no bleaches have been used, therefore, there are no allergens that will cause a reaction to those who are extra sensitive.

Going Organic starts at the basic agricultural level and progresses through harvesting and final processing, or Milling.

  1. Organic Cotton is grown in soil where no pesticides have been used for 3 years or more

  2. Synthetic Fertilizers are replaced with composts and other organic matter, and weeds are controlled naturally rather than with pesticides.

  3. Certified Organic farms practice healthy crop rotation processes and introduce beneficial insects to keep damaging insects away from cotton crops.

  4. To accelerate crop growth in certain regions, only certified natural stimulants can be used. Indeed, everything must be organic and natural in the growing process to achieve this difficult certification.

  5. The milling process does not introduce any harmful chemicals, bleaches or dyes that would also harm the environment when being disposed of.

Our products use Certified Organic Cotton and Wool Covers.
Natural Latex is used, as opposed to our standard 60% synthetic 40% natural blend.

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