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Our quality mattresses use only the best foam that we can find. They are two basic types - Polyurethane high-density, high resiliency foam and Latex Rubber Foam.

Pictured at the right, you can see that they are two different types just by appearance. Our flexible foam is constructed out of Petroleum, and our Latex foam Rubber comes from the Rubber Tree.

But what about comfort? Studies and surveys done by consumer reports have found that even the most expensive springs do not have an affect on comfort in the same way that foam does.

Flexible Foam

Flexible Foam is measured, or graded in 2 different ways: density and IFD (Indentation Force Deflection)

Foam Density

Foam Density is based on the weight per cubic foot. A cubic foot is equal to an area of 12 x 12 x 12(inches).

Foam is comprised of two different things: Air and Urethane chemicals. The more Urethane that is in the foam, the higher the density. The higher the density, the longer-lasting it will be, in other words the longer it will maintain its "loft" and support.

Flexible Foam


Latex Foam

Foam IFD

This is basically a measure of how much pressure it takes to compress the foam 25% of total thickness. An example would be: if you have a cushion that is  inches thick, and it has an IFD rating of 32, it would take 32 pounds of pressure to compress the foam cushion to 3 inches or 25%.

IFD affects the foam firmness and softness. The higher IFD number, the firmer the foam will feel. There is a careful balance between good support and gentleness on the pressure points.


Our showroom is the perfect place to learn about our foam and try out the many different feelings.

for more information on foam and its construction, visit the US Foam Association at

You can see the difference between the Flexible, High Density foam and Latex Foam Rubber


Latex Foam Rubber

Latex is made from the Rubber Tree, a naturally derived biodegradable product. Interestingly enough, it is also Anti-microbial, mold and mildew cannot live in it. Dust mites and bacteria cannot live inside this foam.


Latex is a renewable resource, a milky sap from the rubber tree. The latex is then processed using synthetics to improve the cell structure and augmenting the durability and support of the raw foam rubber. The Talalay ratio is: 40% Natural Latex and 60% Synthetic.


Why use Latex?

Latex, besides being naturally hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant, has the natural stretching property typically associated with the rubber band. We have not yet figured out how to make a synthetic rubber band. Because of this stretching quality, the Latex Mattresses are able to conform to your body and still maintain gentleness on the pressure points.

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