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You may not notice your bed has worn out, because over time your body constantly makes small adjustments. It takes sleeping in a good bed really recognize the difference. If you ache in the morning and donít want to stay in bed, its probably time for a new mattress.

Everything good you do for yourself may be negated by a bad bed. Exercise and proper diet can only do so much if your body is resting in a position without proper support. Breathing and circulation are affected and you donít have the comfort that allows you to fall into a deep sleep.


Most mattresses are spring units upholstered with layers of padding. A quality spring should give an average-size adult a support life of ten to twenty years. Yet, most padding in name-brand beds wont last nearly that long.

When a bed doesnít contour enough, your weight is supported on your hips and shoulders. Pressure on these points is not only uncomfortable but can cut off circulation and cause you to toss and turn all night. Without proper support you sink in and lose good posture, much like sleeping in a hammock.

A well-made mattress of high quality materials will return to its original shape so you wont need to turn it every month to fluff up poor quality padding. It will hold you in good posture with a feeling that is comfortable.

Read the article in Consumer Reports for the most reliable information about beds, and mattresses. Also visit the Monterey Mattress Showcase Galleries to see the superior construction and materials we use. The final step is to lie down on the beds to feel the difference.

What makes the difference in a Monterey Mattress is the quality of our padding. The same is true of our solid-core latex mattresses. When using a highly resilient padding you may have a firm or soft feel while maintaining the comfort and support necessary for a good nightís sleep.

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