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You donít always get what you pay for
Most mattresses are made by independently owned manufacturing companies and marketed under national brand names. When you buy a name brand mattress, less than twenty-five cents of your dollar goes towards the actual manufacturing. Over seventy cents goes to brand-name marketing, distribution, corporate profit and dealer markup. Rather than sell our beds to them we sell directly to you.

Consumers save considerable amounts of money when they purchase from Monterey Mattress Company because we are the manufacturer. Our highest priced mattress complete with a 100% Wool SnugFleeceģ mattress pad costs far less than the brand name top-of-the-line pillow-top mattresses.

Our new Showcase Galleries in fine furniture stores make it even easier to experience the Monterey Mattress difference. Because of our exclusive and well-managed retail and marketing agreements, Monterey Mattresses are still available to you at our factory prices.

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