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Monterey Mattress Marquee - Community Arts Program

Through the creative talents of dedicated craftspeople, Monterey Mattress Company is able to design and manufacture the world’s finest mattresses Personal creativity in the workplace has produced amazing results, transforming an ordinary mattress into an art form known world-wide.

It is this spirit of creativity and excellence that we seek to identify, encourage and reward throughout our community. through the arts, we expand our minds and our souls, and therefore create a positive impact on our society.

Join us in supporting and celebrating our community’s diverse artists and craftspeople who collectively enhance nearly every aspect of our lives.

Louis La Barbera

Visit our showroom location in Sand City to view works by the following artists:

  • Bridgett Spicer

  • Ray Magsalay

  • Wendy Angel

  • William Giles

  • Craig Hubler

  • G. Ramone Byrnes

Coming soon! Our new ArtSPACE to showcase local artists and provide an internet presence for local talent

G. Ramone Byrnes

Craig Hubler

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