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A Family Owned and Operated
Mattress Company since 1984

In 1984, the Gingerich family moved to Monterey, California, from Amish community of Kalona, Iowa.

The head of the family, Dale Gingerich was an experienced custom home builder and cabinet maker who took great pride in quality and craftsmanship. Dale would soon find another good use for his talented hands.

Upon settling in Monterey, the Gingerich family opened Monterey Mattress Company. Dale’s son, Brian had owned and operated a mattress company back in Iowa and offered to step into a new family business.

The team set out to design and build the very best mattresses possible. After enormous research and countless test designs, Monterey Mattress perfected the standards which have become the hallmark of the company – superior quality materials and handcrafted workmanship at reasonable prices.



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